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Amy Farrah Fowler
Amy Farrah Fowler is a neurobiologist who meets Sheldon Cooper through online dating. She only signed up out of an agreement with her mother that she date once a year and Sheldon didn't sign up at all; Raj Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz made a profile for him. Nevertheless, Amy likes Sheldon and Sheldon isn't bothered enough by her to get rid of her.They are similar in many ways, most notably their intellect and lack of social skills. Amy can be sanctimonious, rude and snobby. They vastly differ where it comes to sex drive: she has one, he does not. She is also not a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek or comic books.Much like Sheldon, she can often be condescending, including to Penny. Amy likes the idea of having a boyfriend and girlfriends, and soon gloms on to Penny as her bestie. She also suggests a little harmless experimentation with lesbianism with Penny, to no avail. She is not as close with Howard's girlfriend Bernadette, but they are both biologists and share friends, so Amy feels they should be good friends, too.Background: Once they begin dating, Sheldon and Amy come to a Relationship Agreement, with specified date nights.Amy has a Ph. D. in neurobiology, which she believes is superior to both microbiology (Bernadette's field) and theoretical physics (Sheldon's). She is pseudo-engaged to a Saudi prince named Faisal, whom she met on a fundraising trip. He funds her lab and she always has a place to stay in Riyadh.

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